2009       Colodro Gym. Pacific Pallisades, CA.

2008       La Ballona office conversion, Culver City, CA.

2008       Stories Bookstore and Cafe, Los Angeles, CA

2008       El Chavo Restaurant,Los Angeles, CA.
2008       Five Points Apartments. Los Angeles, CA.
2007       Umansky Residence. Santa Monica, CA.
2007       Kim Residence Addition + Renovation. Los Angeles, CA.
2006       Courtyard House. Los Angeles, CA .
2000       Gershenson: Kitchen. Oak Park, IL.
1999       Winston: Bathroom. Chicago, IL.
1999       Richards Apartments: Renovation. Chicago, IL
1999       Leiken/Mills: Bathroom Suites. Oak Park, IL.
1989       Hilton Aaronson House: Renovation. Evanston, IL.
1998       Martin/Morningstar: Restoration. Chicago, IL.
1997       Taira 4-Unit Apartment: Renovation. Chicago, IL.
1997       Martin/Morningstar: Kitchen Remodel. Chicago, IL.
1997       Martin/Morningstar: House Renovation Study. Chicago, IL.
1997       Elkins Ryan: Kitchen. Oak Park, IL.
1996       Ryan: Loft. Chicago, IL.
1996       Rhoads: Office/Bedroom. Chicago, IL.
1996       Joelle: Bathroom Renovation. Berwyn, IL.
1995       Waldron/Schroer: Kitchen Renovation. Oak Park, IL.
1995       Berman: Addition. Oak Park, IL.
1994       Gershenson: Office Addition. Oak Park, IL.
1991       Nicolos House: Renovation: General Contractor. Los Angeles, CA.
1984       Gershenson: Bathroom. Oak Park, IL. 
1986       Gershenson: Porch Addition. Oak Park, IL.
1990       Krantz: Carport Contractor. Los Angeles, CA.

Residential Outdoor
2006       Schindler House: Fence. Los Angeles, CA.
1998       Severson Garden: Folly. Oak Park, IL.
1996       A+ E Garden: Pergola. Oak Park, IL.
1995       Chavez Garden: Pergola. Chicago, IL.
1983       Children’s Playground. Oak Park, IL.

2009       Books And Mortar: Bookstore + Cafe. Los Angeles, CA.
2009       Five Points Swimming Center. Los Angeles, CA.
2008       El Chavo Restaurant. Los Angeles, CA.
2005       Freshen Hair Salon. West Hollywood, CA .
2002       Hopleaf Bar + Restaurant. Chicago, IL .
1999       J+ L Catering: Master Plan.Chicago, IL.
1998       Soma Electronic Music Studios: Master Plan. Chicago, IL.
1996       Rainbo Club: Performance Space Feasibility Study. Chicago, IL .
1992       White Noise Productions: Offices. Los Angeles, CA .
1990       Craig Art Studio: Contractor. Los Angeles, CA .


2007        Studio Tables. Los Angeles, CA.
2006        Freshen Hair Salon: Furniture. West Hollywood, CA .
2006        Courtyard House: Cabinetry. Los Angeles, CA.
2005        Aluminum + Walnut series.
2005        Concrete Bench.
2004        OED (Oxford English Dictionary) Stand. Los Angeles, CA.
1999        Chavez Residence: Glass Bookshelves. Chigago, IL.
1998        J+ L Food Services: Industrial Book Shelves. Chicago, IL .
1997        Rink: Office System. Chicago IL.
1995        Gershenson: Playroom. Oak Park, IL .
1991        Leaner: Dining Room Table. Los Angeles, CA .

1999         Martin Luther King Memorial: Finalist. Washington D.C.